Hi-Rail Plant and Machinery

For easy access to site and transportation of materials, Railway Industry Constructions maintains a fleet of specialist hi-rail plant and machinery.

Essentially our equipment is fitted with steel wheels that allow it to traverse along railway lines. This means we can carry out construction, inspection and maintenance tasks on your project quickly and effectively.

Our commitment to safety and innovation ensures all our hi-rail plant and machinery is certified to meet all industry standards and designed to meet any capabilities required. We can also modify our equipment to suit narrow, broad and standard rail gauges. This gives us incredible flexibility, helping us to maximise efficiency to reduce your project’s time and costs.

Our Hi-Rail Plant and Construction Machinery

Our equipment and machinery are located at our bases in Adelaide and Newcastle where it can be mobilised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within 1 hour for emergency call-outs.


  • Hi-rail Isuzu/Vermeer vacuum excavation truck
  • Hi-rail Isuzu crane truck with 12+ metre reach and 7 metre tray


  • Isuzu/Vermeer vacuum excavation truck
  • 11 tonne flatbed truck and Hiab crane (7 metre reach)
  • 3 tonne and 5 tonne Kubota excavators
  • Cable hauling trailer, winch and hauling accessories
  • Various maintenance vehicles
  • Containerised site amenities and workshops
  • Dynatel cable and fault locator
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)