Rail and Tram Signalling Case Studies

We’ve worked with a number of clients throughout Australia and overseas, completing a number of essential design and installation projects.

Torrens to Torrens Project

Client: CPB & York Civil

Project Outline

To cater for the current and future transport needs of Adelaide, the state government Torrens to Torrens project is intended to improve traffic flow and transit times. As part of this project, the South Australian government and our client felt the existing passive pedestrian crossings at Queen, Coglin and West Streets should be upgraded into active crossings to increase safety for the general public when crossing the rail corridor.

To improve safety at these crossings, it was determined that pedestrian crossing gates and flashing lights should be installed to alert pedestrians to approaching trains while impeding their transit across tracks.

The works took place in an extremely narrow rail corridor which ran through a mix of residential and heavy industry. To access the site and complete the works on time and to budget, we used a mix of hi-rail and standard plant to complete the major works, with the hi-rail plant being integral to the success of this project.

For this project, RIC completed the design, test and commission of all facets of the new pedestrian crossings including:

  • installation of new location cabinets
  • circuit modifications
  • installation of Automated pedestrian gates
  • axle counters
  • signalling and power cables
  • RX-12 assemblies